Hana Marine is established in 1987 and specialized with shipping petrochemical products more than 30 years in both domestic and international market. We are leading company of small vessel chemical shipping of East Asia by our fleet which is comprised of 25 tankers for use of petrochemical products. Our fleet is shipping the products mainly in Korea-China-Japan-Taiwan route with more than 20 vessels. Sometimes, we also operate the vessels in South-east Asia (even including India) and domestic shipments in Korea. Moreover, to closely respond the customer’s requirement, we perform diverse subsidiary shipping services such as brokerage, general agency, and vessel management. 

Especially, Hana Marine is the specialized company to handle Korea-Japan shipments. Japan ports are having strict regulations on their own. We are accustomed with such regulations and able to provide punctual and safe shipments to the customers.

As we are shipping the petrochemicals which require cautious care because some of them are very dangerous to handle, we are trying to put efforts for best safety management when we ship the cargoes. Every year, International agreements are reinforcing the safety standard to protect crews, cargoes, and environment. We closely update such requirements and improve ourselves to provide safer and better services by Safety and Quality Management Business System we have. Moreover, we constantly invest ourselves to promote expertized staffs and training system. 

Hana Marine will differentiate ourselves in the chemical shipping market by providing valued service, risk management, ethical management, and specialization of special chemicals.

Technology development brought us the way to use various petrochemical products. Accordingly, we can have more convenience daily life now a day. We consider Hana Marine is one of the supporters to make our prosperous daily life by shipping the petrochemical products, and this is our social role as a company. We keep trying and aiming to provide safe service protecting both environment and the society.

As we have so far and so on, Hana Marine will constantly improve our quality and appreciate the customer’s feedback.